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What makes everything possible

Rescuing homeless and helpless dogs and cats is an act of compassion that requires sacrifice, dedication, and perseverance. Some days the impossible doesn’t seem possible, but then help arrives and what was impossible becomes possible and happens.

Help shows up in many ways. Volunteers and staff show up. Some help catch a feral cat or fearful dog that escaped being caught for days. Transporters show up to deliver the rescued to where they find hope. Staff and volunteers care for the animals – bathing the dirty, washing bowls, cleaning kennels, calming the fearful, healing the sick and injured, fostering dogs and cats, socializing and training each based on need, and then adopting each to a loving home.
In 2023 we had over 60,000 hours of volunteer time which is equivalent to thirty full time employees – skilled and dedicated volunteers that we could not find nor afford if we tried to replace. Volunteers come because they care about animals and want to be a part of something worthwhile. Words cannot express the value volunteers bring and the difference they make.

Adopters show up to add to their family, enjoying the love and companionship that each provides. Without a welcoming home for each rescued dog and cat, the rescue process can not happen.

We are thankful that Donors show up and help cover the costs of making the impossible a reality. Rescuing homeless and helpless dogs and cats is expensive. Adoption fees cover only a fraction of the cost, the balance generated by fundraisers, Rescued Treasures, and donations or grants from individuals and businesses. For every dollar raised, 98¢ goes directly or indirectly to the care of animals rescued.

We are grateful for every member of our staff, for every volunteer and adopter, and every individual and business donor that helped make what happened in 2023 possible.

All4Paws has become much bigger than just a place; it’s a community of individuals with shared values coming together to do good for animals and the people they touch, causing the impossible to become possible.