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What Makes Us Different

 All4Paws, a local animal rescue organization, has successfully rescued over 20,000 dogs and cats.  We were able to place over 13,000 in loving forever homes and transferred over 7,600 to other rescues for adoption. The organization has an extended family of more than 300 volunteers and staff who share the same passion for rescuing, repairing, rehabilitating, and caring for unfortunate animals that have been abused, abandoned, lost, or forsaken. All4Paws strives to provide these animals with a second chance at life by finding them the right forever homes. 

Moving our Mission Forward

Every day All4Paws saves lives. One of the biggest impacts we have on an animal’s life is making sure they are spayed or neutered. Not only is it necessary to reduce overpopulation, spaying and neutering dogs and cats helps them to have longer, healthier lives. Realizing that adoptions alone will not end the needless euthanizing of dogs and cats, All4Paws Animal Rescue had the vision and determination to pursue our own surgical facility. Because the typical spay/neuter clinic is expensive to build and costly to operate, our research led us to a company Clinic in a Can which builds medical clinics from recycled shipping containers.


While they had never built a veterinary clinic, together we developed our Spay/Neuter clinic in a can. All4Paws then entered this innovative idea in the Petco Foundation and Jackson Galaxy Project’s annual Innovation Showdown competition, a shark tank type competition that funds innovation ideas. We were awarded $230,000 for our idea. Needing an additional $58,000 for completion we turned to our donors and fundraising to make the clinic a reality.

All4Paws Clinic in a Can has opened its doors! In the short month since opening we’ve increased productivity by 53%. We’ve been able to aid smaller area rescues with their spay/neuter efforts. This efficiency has allowed for more TNR cats to be fixed and safely released back to their colonies. Many of these surgeries are supported by your donations to our Spay/Neuter Fund.

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Compassion Fund

All4Paws has rescued and adopted over 20,000 dogs and cats to forever homes and has helped rescue and transfer another 7,500 animals to other shelters.