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Petco Foundation’s Innovation Grant Showdown awarded us $230,000 towards our Clinic in a Can spay and neuter concept!

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THANKS to some wonderful donors and with the proceeds from our Silent Auction, we have raised the funds needed to pay the balance for the Clinic building and major medical equipment!!! This is a significant milestone made possible by many generous and compassionate supporters.

Thank you for your support!

To operate the clinic we must stock the clinic with supplies and want to build a fund to help us provide free spay/neuter services to area pet owners in need.

Please consider donating to support our Spay and Neuter Initiative.

Send a donation via check to: All4Paws, 708 Petigru Drive, Pawleys Island, SC 29585
Check written to All4Paws with “Clinic In A Can” in the memo.

Thank You!!!

Why Spay/Neuter Clinics Are Important!

In the United States, thousands of dogs and cats are put to sleep every day because there are more animals than people are willing to adopt them. This overpopulation problem is caused by a lack of affordable spay/neuter services. There are over 48 million dogs and cats that need spay/neuter surgery, including feral cats and pets living in areas with limited access to veterinary care. While adoptions are important, they alone are not enough to solve this problem. The cost of building and operating a spay/neuter clinic is quite high, making it affordable only for very large rescue organizations, which represent only 13% of all rescues. To create more affordable spay/neuter services, a new model is needed to help medium-sized rescue organizations, such as All4Paws, to build their own facilities.

Summary of Our Journey

Part of All4Paws Mission is “to support community spay/neuter initiatives that reduce unwanted dog and cat populations…”.
Currently, All4Paws rents local veterinary surgery facilities and transports animals 80 miles each way for spay/neuter surgery. Acknowledging that this limited spay/neuter capacity limited what All4Paws could do, the All4Paws Board decided in 2019 to pursue our surgery facility. The result of initial efforts was the purchase of property adjacent to All4Paws campus. The next step was to develop a clinic layout based on published guidelines. This resulted in a 2500 sq. ft. building having an estimated total cost of $700,00. Knowing this would be hard to fund, the process started over assuming a 500 sq. ft. facility would work. This thought process led us to a company Clinic In A Can that produces medical clinics from recycled shipping containers. While they had never built a veterinary clinic, together we developed our Spay/Neuter Clinic In A Can. Because of the novelty of the idea, we entered the idea in the Petco Foundation and Jackson Galaxy Project annual INNOVATION SHOWDOWN Competition, a ‘shark-tank’ type competition funding innovative ideas.

The result was we became one of three finalists and ultimately were awarded $230,000 for our idea. The total estimated cost of the facility is $288,786.42 and we need an additional $58,000 to fund our clinic.