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You provide the love and home, We supply approved Fosters the following:

Fostering a pet is a beautiful act of compassion! When you foster, you provide a temporary home for a dog or cat prior to adoption. All4Paws has over 100 foster homes for our animals, but we need more!  Your home, your backyard, your love of walking on the beach, is a dream for many homeless and helpless animals that deserve a second chance. 

Fostering a pet means that you are opening your heart and home to a pet that is currently homeless.  You provide a safe and stable environment for a dog or cat awaiting adoption.  An environment that feels like home instead of a shelter, is usually best for pets.

Pets, like people, need a place to feel safe; a place where they can let their guard down and relax. Many have been neglected or abused and don’t know what a loving home feels like.  Foster families help them learn what it’s like to eat, sleep and play in a safe space. This allows the dog or cat’s true character to shine!

What does fostering from All4Paws involve?

  1. Taking in a Homeless dog or cat: As a foster parent, you agree to open your heart and home to a pet currently awaiting adoption, healing from an injury, or just needing some time to decompress out of the shelter environment. You become their safe haven—a place where they can feel secure and loved. 🏠
  2. Love, Care, and Attention: Whether it’s for a predetermined period or until the pet finds their forever home, you shower them with love, care, and attention. Your home becomes their refuge. ❤️
  3. Why Do Pets Need Fostering?
    • Shelter space constraints: All4Paws rescues dogs and cats from other shelters who are on a euthanasia list. Foster homes allow A4P to save more lives, while freeing up shelter space for others.
    • Young puppies or kittens: Litters too young for adoption need a safe place to stay until they’re ready.
    • Recovery: Pets recovering from surgery, illness, or injury require a nurturing environment.
    • Stress Relief: Shelter stress (like pacing or hiding) prompts the need for a more calming setting.
    • Socialization: Some dogs and cats haven’t lived in a home before and need socialization.

Foster homes play an important role in caring for dogs and cats in our Georgetown County community. Few things are more rewarding than having a dog or cat you helped rescue, love and care for to love you back.