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Business Membership Program

All4Paws Business Membership

For the last five years All4Paws has invited individuals to partner with us and to rescue thousands of helpless, hopeless, voiceless dogs and cats by becoming Family Members. In response from local Businesses to be part of our extended family, we launched our Business Membership two years ago allowing Businesses to be part of and support what we do, and in return receive recognition of their compassion and support. The Business Membership program was put on hold in 2020 because of the pandemic and the turmoil it created for many businesses in our area. Because of interest in continuing their support, we are restarting the Business Membership this year with the annual membership running from July 2021 through June 2022.

Why Become a Business Partner?

Being a Business Partner demonstrates to the community we reach that you not only have sympathy for people and animals in need, but you show your compassion through your actions. Your support and compassion is shared by All4Paws with others in many ways, making them aware of your commitment. The recognition is provided through social media, local media, email and Newsletter distribution, and special event materials.

While the recognition is nice, what is more important is that you, your employees and your customers know that you make a real difference every day by partnering with All4Paws – saving thousands of abandoned, abused, and helpless dogs and cats and the people they touch.

We invite you to join our extended family, demonstrating compassion and support to help animals and people in need. Will you?

To become a Member, contact Jennifer Averette

Your tax deductible membership will help us:

Save Lives

Compassionate care, life-saving programs and commitment to excellence; these values frame our organizational mission. Over the past 6 years, our dedicated team has rescued more than 12,000 dogs and cats and provided them with a second chance for a better life. Over 5,000 animals have been adopted locally and over 6,000 have been placed with other no-kill rescue organizations for adoption.

Spay Neuter Programs Healthcare

A4P has provided over 2,500 free or very low cost spay/neuter surgeries to our local community. We work closely with feral cat rescues and advocates to reduce populations. We hold mobile clinics around neighboring communities to x cats to reduce this problem. The majority of pets we rescue require basic care: routine vaccinations, spay/neuter, and wellness exams. One of every 10 we rescue need special care and rehabilitation. From intake to adoption, we provide food, water, vaccines, medical care, laser and other therapies needed, a warm, clean, safe place to sleep and lots of love.

General Improvements On Our Facility

We take great pride in making our facility a pristine and happy place for animals, as well as for our volunteers and potential adopters. We have a need to expand our intake space to rescue more animals. As soon as a dog or cat is adopted, staff immediately looks to fill that space with another ownerless animal, oftentimes, scheduled to be put down in area shelters. The more space we can secure, the more lives will be saved.

Food To Support Local Family's Pets

Did you know that A4P operates a community pet food pantry? We have provided more than 160,000 pounds of pet food to area shelters and families in our community needing assistance. A4P currently partners with Baskerville Food Pantry and provides pet food and assistance to over 70 families in need.

Continued Community Outreach

An important part of our mission is to be a valued community resource. As your neighbor in the community, we see opportunities to add more value if resources and funding are available. Some of the opportunities we envision include making reading therapy dogs available to reading challenged youth, allowing youth to experience empathy and responsibility from dogs giving unconditional love, rescuing more dogs and cats from hopeless situations, and helping neighboring communities such as Andrews which has no resident vet.

Our Reach

59,000 + Facebook Fans

Local television news coverage/local print media

1400+ adoption packets distributed per year

500 Instagram followers and growing

16,000+ email subscribers

300+ active volunteers

7,000 monthly website visitors

Eight or more mobile adoption events a month