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2023 Year In Review

All4Paws celebrated its 12th anniversary on December 14th of 2023 having rescued over 20,000 homeless and helpless dogs and cats.

According to Shelter Animal Counts data, shelters and rescues across the country are still trying to recover from the impact of Covid.  Adoptions on average across the US are still 8.1% below 2019 levels while intakes are up, filling shelters beyond their rated capacity.

All4Paws adoptions in 2023 increased 62% from 2019 level and over 10% from previous year

Contrary to national trends, All4Paws adoptions in 2023 increased 62% from 2019 level and over 10% from previous year, driven by increased cat and kitten adoptions.  As an outgrowth of All4Paws low cost spay/neuter services to the Georgetown/Horry County area, we have become a major participant in the TNR (Trap/Neuter/Return) of area feral cats.  This has provided the opportunity to intake and adopt many kittens that were slated to be released into communities without a home.  This was possible because an increased number of individuals were willing to foster, care for, and socialize young kittens until they could be adopted.

In 2022 All4Paws Clinic performed 542 free/low cost spay/neuter surgeries, in addition to surgeries for the 1,636 animals rescued and adopted.  It is estimated the total spay/neuter surgeries performed last year will very conservatively prevent the birth of over 8 million unaltered dogs and cats over the next 6 years.

In 2023 All4Paws rescued more compassion animals than ever before – dogs and cats that have severe medical, behavioral, or emotional problems – dogs and cats that most rescues will not accept.  Many of these, young and old alike, were intentionally abandoned because municipal shelters were too full to accept additional dogs or cats, because the owner could no longer care for the animal, or the owner died and no one wanted or could care for the pet.

The list of compassion animals rescued in 2023 is long and their care was expensive.  While we are blessed to have donors who share our compassion for these less fortunate creatures, the cost of care for these in 2023 exceeded the financial contributions made to our Compassion Fund.  We want to keep rescuing these unfortunate creatures but need increased donor support to make this happen.

More volunteers helped in 2023.  Volunteers helped with fundraisers, adoption events, facility maintenance, fostering and caring for cats and dogs, working at Rescued Treasures, and even recruiting other volunteers.   Dog walkers benefited by training from a special volunteer and professional trainer, Matt Dellaira, helping dogs become more adoptable quicker and better pets after being adopted.

Our partnership with Baskerville Food Pantry continued to expand in 2023 both geographically and in the number of families served and pounds of food donated to those in need.

Over 7 tons of free pet food was provided to local pet owners last year.

Financial support from our boutique upscale resale store, Rescued Treasures, increased in 2023, helping fund our increased rescue activity.  This increasing support is made possible because donors share our compassion for animals and shoppers find quality merchandise at unbelievable prices.  (See page 6)

The most important outcome of 2023 was that All4Paws rescued more cats and dogs, rehabilitated more compassion animals, and performed hundreds of free/low cost spay/neuter surgeries.  Together we witnessed the hopeless given hope, the scared and fearful loved and transformed, the injured and hurting healed, and the homeless and helpless rescued and adopted.

What was accomplished in 2023 would never have happened without the dedicated and compassionate support of donors, adopters, volunteers, and staff.

To all of these, a sincere and heartfelt very special THANK YOU!