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March 2024 puppy for adoption at All4Paws in Pawleys Island, SC

Compassion was overflowing in ’23

Every dog and cat rescued represents one or more acts of compassion!

Rescuing any dog or cat is not possible unless someone cares enough and does something to make the rescue happen. Recognizing this, All4Paws (staff, volunteers, donors, and adopters) is just a collection of many individuals doing acts of compassion every day.

While every dog or cat rescued requires some act of compassion, some dogs and cats require acts of compassion of heroic proportions because of the severity of their physical, mental or emotional condition. These are the animals we call COMPASSION ANIMALS – animals so traumatized, abused, malnourished, diseased, infected, deformed, or undisciplined that most rescue organizations do not or cannot afford the expense or time to provide the care and love necessary to give each a chance and a home. The rehabilitation and transformation of these animals is expensive – in both time and money. We are fortunate to have staff and volunteers dedicated to providing the love and care needed to make the rescue of Compassion animals possible. Being a part of each dog and cat’s journey from hopeless despair to a full recovery and then to a loving home is the reward that makes the effort meaningful.

Dogs like Buttons, a tiny unhealthy and impaired senior abandoned in a box in the middle of a parking lot of a local restaurant; and Stitch, a very sick puppy abandoned in a cardboard box along the road and not expected to live to nightfall, are just two examples that found hope and recovery at All4Paws.

A number of dogs were just deserted like both parents and three offspring left to make it on their own in rural Georgetown County. Each of the three siblings had been abused and suffered identical blunt force injuries to their hips, requiring major reconstruction surgery.
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Misha, a senior cat, found herself homeless after the death of her owner. As it turned out, Misha was diabetic and needed special care to stabilize her critical condition before being adopted.

Cora, a very sweet 3 month old pup, started out life with a 90% blockage in her pulmonary artery which could have led to a very short lifespan. All4Paws was able to get her to NC State where she had a procedure that reduced the blockage allowing her to live a normal life.

Noelle, just one of many abandoned dogs accepted by All4Paws, was left in a very small crate in our parking overnight and she was heavily pregnant!

Marshall, a dog severely infected with unknown virus and hookworms, needed special care and time in the clinic to survive.

Hanson, a 3 year old beagle, needed both a leg amputation and l lot of love to overcome his deformed leg and fear of people.