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Stories of Love and Rescue

Left Outside Our Shelter Overnight

On February 9th, 2024, three puppies were discovered outside All4Paws. Unfortunately, they were found confined in a crate that was too small for them to lie down comfortably, indicating that they had been left outside for a significant period, potentially even in the cold overnight. The puppies were in distress, covered in their waste, and suffering from bloated bellies due to worms.

Upon their discovery, our compassionate staff immediately attended to them. Following a much-needed bath, their thinness became more apparent. The puppies were then nourished and hydrated, allowing them to finally relax. Initially timid and frightened, they gradually opened up with ample affection, treats, and the security of a temporary foster home. The puppies were prepared for adoption.

These resilient pups were named after characters from the popular series “Gilmore Girls”: Lorelai, Luke, and Suki. We are delighted to share that all three found loving homes, getting a second chance at a happy life, marking a heartwarming conclusion to their challenging start