We adopted Remi (formerly known as Bagel) a little over a week ago, and we are so in love! She is the sweetest little pup and is learning very quickly. She is getting along great with her 2 feline sisters, and has made a great addition to our little family. Thank you again for bringing Remi into our lives! We love her dearly.


Ravioli (formerly known as Gigi) is queen of the castle. Her dad says, “Ravioli is an amazing kitty. She has quickly become a piece of my life. She’s always on my shoulder. It’s amazing how she is like my first cat. She hates when I’m away from her. And I’m the same way.


We renamed Esteve with Chester. We got that because the first 3 or 4 days he kept crawling under a chest of drawers. Happy to say he doesn’t stay under it anymore and is adjusting pretty well. We have two other cats and two dogs. The cats we already had just stay a safe distance but one seems to be doing better around him. Just takes time. Chester has been very skittish with noises and very cautious- walks really low to the ground. But he’s venturing out more to other rooms. Anyway he’s adjusting well.


JuneBug (formerly known as Jill) is living her best life. Here mom says, “She is the best puppy! I love that she listens, walks & runs, plays, cuddles, is friendly and always happy where we go! I am so glad that I adopted her. My family, friends and even strangers talk to her all the time. God is so good and I will refer everyone to come see y’all. Again, thank you.


Update on Weezer (formerly Ouiser) adopted Aug 11: two years with no dog was enough. We were ready for our next fur baby! We found our sweet Weezer at All4Paws. She is not only beautiful, and draws compliments wherever we go, but she is easily the snuggliest, cuddliest and most lovable dog we ever had. It only took her 3 weeks to be completely housetrained. She’s mastered the rules of the house and is working on her basic commands. She loves to zoom-zoom through her backyard and playdates with other doggies. We absolutely love this sweet little girl and can’t imagine life without her!

Archer James

Hi this is Tiffany and I adopted Archer James (formerly Chumley) he is doing great! He loves his new bed, he definitely has a goof ball side and he is getting into the Christmas spirit! He has been such a great addition to my little family!

Little Swiper P

Little Swiper P (formerly Pedro) is thriving living his best life! He has officially reached his targeted weight and is 32lbs now. He has come out of his shell completely and has made so many new friends (dogs and people). You can’t even recognize him anymore. He has even over come many of his car anxieties as well. This little man is the sweetest. Stormy and I are so incredibly thankful to have him in our lives. And P wants to thank his all 4 paws family for making it possible.


Many know about Sydni’s struggles and time spent in our facility…few know how her life began and where she’s been for the past few months. This story is yours Syd and we are so proud to share it!

Sydni was transferred to All4Paws May of 2017. What you may not know is that Sydni was a momma to three beautiful puppies. She came off the transport vehicle and immediately went to one of our amazing foster homes where she cared for her tiny little family. When the time came they all came back to All4Paws to find their forever homes. One by one Sydni’s puppies were adopted. Sydni watched them get adopted, knowing that soon her time would come. She made the best use of her time by making lots of friends at the shelter, not only human friends but canine friends too! Each day she saw her playmates get adopted, each day she stayed hopeful. She was a volunteer favorite and so well loved, but she didn’t understand why she wasn’t being chosen. Her heart became sad and she was so frustrated. Sydni gave up. She didn’t want to make any new friends, she wanted her old friends back and wanted to find her forever home.

Sydni needed a break, the stress and sadness from being looked over each day was too much. Thankfully our volunteers stepped in and started taking her on doggy sleepovers. She would go home with our volunteers and enjoy a reprieve from the shelter life. No matter how much love, attention and time given, it’s not the same as being in a home for these guys. Sydni needed HER home.

Sydni’s foster mom reached out to us and knew her girl Syd needed her. Sydni needed love, kindness, and patience. She needed to learn how to be with other canine friends again. So Sydni went to foster, where slowly she worked her way to being social again. With patience and continued understanding, Sydni did it! She remembered what it was like to have canine companionship and to not feel guarded.

Well, you might have figured out by now, but Sydni found her forever home…where her story started…with her foster- NOW FOREVER- mom! Sydni enjoys snuggling in bed with her mom & canine siblings.

The story has come full circle and pulls at our heart strings. This is why we don’t give up. This is why we need fosters. This is why we need volunteers. We need YOU.
Every day dogs like Sydni get overlooked. No one wants to give them a chance. Time, love, patience and compassion…make a difference.

We will never give up and will not stop doing what we do. Stories like Sydni’s remind us what our hearts always tell us, keep going and everyone has a happy ending.


July 13, 2019, our 13 year old chiweenie Minnie went to heaven. I said I didn’t want to get another dog because it was too hard to give them up and also because I’m 72, I didn’t want to leave a pet behind. However, I was so sad that I knew I could not live with such sadness. 

We applied at many local rescues, but small dogs go so quickly that before we could get to the rescue ‘s location, the dog would already be adopted! 

Finally, we visited an out of town rescue where we met Siri, a shy little girl. We took her from the crate and she just snuggled into our necks! On the first night we put the crate in the bedroom, but she slept in the bed under the covers. When she got up the middle of night one, I got up to let her out. I didn’t get up night two but I found the used pee pad in the morning. She is affectionate and loving, just perfect as if Minnie told her how to behave. I think that they passed—Minnie on her way to heaven and Siri on her way from heaven to us. Minnie gave Siri some instructions on how to be the perfect little girl for us and Siri is smart and paid attention. Siri loves her new home and her new cat and we love her. Siri fits into our family just as if she’d been born for us!