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Bruce, a beautiful two plus year-old orange and white cat, had been hit by a car and lived with a broken leg for some time with no medical help. Following his rescue and having provided the best medical care possible, it was necessary to amputate his leg. Bruce is evidence that three-legged cats are very special pets that deserve our attention and love. Bruce was adopted and his new forever family adores him!


Sugar, formerly known as Appa, is queen of the castle. Some friends of Sugar’s new mama saw her posted on our fb page. They knew that this would be the perfect dog for their friend who had recently lost her last rescue Pyrnees dog. They encouraged her to just have a visit and she fell in love! Since Sugar has been loving her new life with her forever family and is the queen of the castle! 


Percy was lucky enough to turn his foster family into his forever family! Percy’s Family had this to say: “Percy was the perfect foster, so perfect that we were convinced to have a him join the family and it has been one of the best decisions we’ve made yet!”


Winston, a mid-sized, 2 year old mixed breed dog, arrived at All4Paws covered with mange, skin infection, malnourished and scared – and in a terrible amount of pain! With a quick glance it was obvious that Winston was suffering from critical skin conditions that had not been treated. His feet were so swollen it was difficult for him to even walk. Our volunteers, staff, and medical team immediately started rehabbing Winston, working on Winston’s skin condition, giving him regular medically treated baths, and spending time with him every day to overcome his fear and rebuild Winston’s trust in people.
After his rehabilitation he went to a few of our offsite adoption events at Petco and eventually found his forever family!



Bella was adopted in November at one of our offsite adoption events at Petco! She was lucky to go home right before the Thanksgiving Holiday. Since then Bella has been loving her new home and all the love and attention she gets from her forever family!