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Shot at close range.

Smokey was picked up in Aynor by Animal Control. When he was brought to the county shelter, they realized he had been terribly injured. He had a hole that ran from his upper muzzle and through the roof of his mouth and another hole that went through his upper jaw. What could cause such an injury?


At just one year old, Smokey had been shot at close range from behind and above his little body. The county shelter cleaned the wound and asked for help. He needed more care than they could give. As we have done in the past in times of great need for our furry friends, All4Paws answered the call to action. We took in this sweet boy not knowing how extensive his needs would be but knowing that he needed our help.

Immediately, we took Smokey to the veterinarian to assess his injuries. The damage to his muzzle was causing him such trauma that he needed surgery to repair his injuries. So, off to surgery he went! Smokey endured surgery for several hours and then returned to All4Paws. Because of his injuries, he cannot eat dry food and has to be on a gruel diet, which is super liquified food.

Unfortunately, Smokey was not out of the woods yet. The repair was not enough. Because of the nature of his injuries, this poor babe was sneezing food out of his nose, which meant he was not getting enough calories and is underweight. In addition, his breathing was suffering. Smokey would require a second surgery.

This handsome fellow had his second surgery at Veterinary Specialty Care to repair the damage done to his muzzle from a gunshot wound. After surgery, he did require a feeding tube one night, but soon after, he began eating on his own. He is now loving his ability to eat meatballs!

Of course, we also knew this precious boy wouldn’t stay “available” forever. He is now on his way to his furever home in downtown Charleston with a Compassion Fund Alumnus, Paddy, a Boykin Spaniel who had a liver shunt. And what’s even better than a home with two All4Paws Compassion Animals? Another All4Paws Compassion Fund Alumna, Jellybean, is part of the family, too! We’re sure these three survivors will become the best of friends!

Don’t you just love a story with a happy ending?