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Molly’s journey

When Molly first came to All4Paws with her other puppy siblings, All4Paws was unaware of any major medical issues. Being a puppy, All4Paws had asked one of our dedicated foster families to take in Molly and another sibling to care for them while they waited to be old enough to be adopted. While in the home, Molly’s foster mom noticed something was terribly wrong. Molly wasn’t waking up. Teary-eyed and scared, Molly’s foster mom took her to the Emergency Vet Hospital. Molly was taken back for x-rays, oxygen, and tests.

The emergency vet got Molly to a point where she could be transferred to Murrells Inlet Veterinary Hospital and later to Vet Specialty Care because she needed more care, more scans, more oxygen, and more food. Off again on another journey, her foster parents were bold faced and determined!

After numerous tests, we discovered that Molly was born with a persistent aortic arch which caused megaesophagus, a rare disorder that no one would know about until something was already wrong. This prevented her from being able to keep down any food and could be fatal. All4Paws had to wait though. Molly had to be old enough and big enough for the surgery necessary to save her life. All4Paws worked on numerous ways to feed Molly while preventing her from aspirating. This included slow syringe feedings every two hours while Molly sat upright in a baby bjorn carrier.

Both Molly’s foster mom and All4Paws staff worked tirelessly to make sure Molly was eating and gaining strength. There were lots of tears and struggles, but eventually Molly was big enough for the surgery needed to correct her condition. The money from All4Paws’ Compassion Fund saved Molly’s life. Shortly after, Molly found her furever home. Her family was educated about her condition and what future needs Molly would have as she grew up big, strong and playful.