All4Paws Mission

All4Paws is a dog and cat rescue organization that addresses the physical and emotional needs of abandoned animals through an evolving holistic approach. As a compassionate no-kill rescue organization we strive to responsibly rescue, take care of, and place as many owner-less or scheduled to die, lost, abandoned, and/or abused animals as possible while being a valued community resource.

All4Paws Values


We are accountable, individually and collectively, to provide compassionate care to all animals trusted to our care, adjusting our approach as needed while treating each as if it was our own.


We seek to be efficient and effective in what we do by being focused, competent, and patient while listening to those we serve and comparing ourselves to benchmarks


We take responsibility for tasks assigned to us and for improving the organization, constantly looking for opportunities and evaluating all suggestions and ideas.


We are individually and collectively accountable for the respect we show each other and the animals in our care and for our integrity and behavior regarding assignments, processes, and policies.


We are open to and seek to learn from others and from everything we do making explicit what we do and what we know.