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Moe and Iris came to us by way of different paths, with different needs.  Both were in need of surgeries, rehab, lots of love and compassion, and a loving home.

Moe, a min pin mix, came to All4Paws from a high-kill shelter. It soon became obvious he had something very wrong with his legs.  X-rays revealed a severely dislocated knee resulting from a previously broken leg and underdeveloped hips.

Iris, a German Shepherd, obviously malnourished, came to us from a county shelter. Unable to keep food down, she was found to have an enlarged esophagus (a condition known as megaesophagus), which was preventing food from reaching her stomach.

Spunky Moe, who had to have surgery to correct his knee and his hips, never missed a beat. He hopped around the exam room giving everyone kisses and is now in a loving, forever home. After surviving blood pressure swings, pneumonia, and multiple surgeries, Iris learned to eat several small meals a day in a custom dog high chair built by a dedicated volunteer. She won the heart of her foster mom, who ultimately adopted her.

Of the many animals that come to All4Paws each year, most need only basic preparation before being adoptable.  However, one in 10 require extensive medical treatment due to broken bones, abuse, or birth defects. All4Paws staff and its 150+ volunteers believe every animal we rescue is special and treats each one as if it were our own.

From intake to adoption, we provide food, water, vaccinations, medical care, laser and other therapies needed, a warm, clean, safe place to sleep, and lots and lots of love!  In addition, we provide hundreds of thousands of pounds of free pet food and vet support to area food pantries and shelters, including thousands of free or subsidized spays/neuters. We keep our shelter as pristine as possible, which means we go through LOTS of cleaning supplies!  As you can see, running a shelter like ours is costly!   We can’t do it without your help!  All4Paws receives NO government funding!

Moe and Iris depended on All4Paws, just as we depend on people like you. Will you help us by donating today?